Quality policy

We are committed to provision of high quality consultancy services to the customers who have their core businesses, interests and responsibilities in aviation industry. We achieve that by collecting and disseminating leading edge concepts, best practices, research and development results from around the World to provide such knowledge and experience through our experts, both internal and external, to our customers. Through implementation of a quality management system based on the ISO 9001:2015 standards, we will continuously and consistently provide our customers with value adding services and satisfaction, striving to exceed their expectations through first class expertise, cooperation, synergies, solution focussed, continual improvement and employee development. Recurring and satisfied customer is the criteria for our business.

While actively searching for new markets, opportunities and evaluating associated risks, we will maintain and cultivate ties with the customers who we have already assisted. Seeing people behind all our activities be it customers, customers of our customers, our employees or the management, we strive to foster their potential and satisfaction.